Anti-Age Face Cream

Moisturising, restructuring, elasticising.

Suitable for healthy and mature, neglected and dull skin.

A face cream with a high content of organic argan oil, combined with other natural nourishing ingredients, making it ideal to provide an anti-oxidising, anti-aging, moisturising, restructuring, elasticising and invigorating action.
It protects the skin from external agents, prevents and cures skin imperfections and rebalances pH.

Natural active ingredients content are:
  • Organic virgin argan oil - nourishing, antioxidant, improves skin elasticity, emollient, toning, cell regenerating, rebalances skin ph, fluidifies sebum, strengthens the skin’s immune defenses, with sun protection factor (carotenoids).
  • Organic maple syrup - nourishing, cell regenerating, moisturising.
  • Organic beeswax - filmogenic, antioxidant.

Instruction for use: 
After the application of Bio Vita Anti-Age Toner in the morning.
After the face cleansing in the evening (after any face cleansing during the day).
As a massage and finishing cream for professional and home treatments.
It’s an excellent base for makeup.

For sale
  • 50 ml - code 11020
For professional use
  • 250 ml - code 81022
  • 500 ml - code 81025

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Certified by DCO

Not tested on animals

100% natural

Dermatologically tested

Hypoallergenic tested

100% handmade

Made in Italy