Use the energy of the manipura oil when you study, when you want to turn thoughts into actions or when you are mentally tired. It gives clarity of thought and its energy is connected to the ability to perceive and understand. Promotes concentration, learning and memory, stimulates interest and curiosity.

Effects on thinking and mood:

stimulates mental faculties

stimulates concentration and memory

promotes learning

increases interest and curiosity

stimulates the sense of responsibility

makes it more reliable

favors the ability to carry out their commitments

it increases motivation and helps turn ideas into actions

it makes essays

strengthens the personality and the ability to be oneself

gives confidence and optimism by reinforcing self-esteem


Use it when you experience the following symptoms: 

mental exhaustion, nervousness, sadness

poor digestion, stomach ache, abdominal swelling

slow digestion


liver problems

spleen and kidney disorders


water retention

to eliminate toxins


When to use it:

in the morning or, anyway, during the day.



Put a few drops on the area of the body that corresponds to the 3rd Chakra ie on the area of the stomach, liver and spleen. It is possible to rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond, according to reflexology, to the 3rd Chakra. In this case, gently massage the affected points..



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