Blend - Fortifying of the Musculoskeletal System

Ingredients (essential oils)
    • rosmarinus ocinalis leaf oil
    • thymus vulgaris oil
    • citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil
    • eucalyptus globulus leaf oil
    • arctium lappa root extract
    • mentha piperita extract
    • alcohol
    • triethyl citrate.

    in the case of neuromuscular pain and cramps or rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or sciatica, the synergistic use of these essential oils helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and reduce the symptoms.

    How to use
    1) dilute 5 drops of this blend in 50 ml of Jayanti grapeseed oil or Jayanti 2in1 Body cream and make a relaxing massage with long and deep movements on the affected part or on the whole body.
    2) pour 3/5 drops of this mix and 300/500 ml of water in a ultrasonic diffuser for essential  oils, relax and inhale the essential oils dispersed in the environment, the relaxing effect helps to reduce the perception of pain.

    For sale
    • 10 ml - code 89511

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    Certified by DCO

    Not tested on animals

    100% natural

    Dermatologically tested

    Hypoallergenic tested

    100% handmade

    Made in Italy